All matters, happens, things are all neutral.


All matters, happens, things are all neutral.

 by Irma 


What people do is neutral,

not wrong nor right.

None is wrong nor right.

All matters are neutral.

(I am not talking about what happen in the war, that is another story,

another reflection, here, I just satire our daily life)

Is this a frog or a horse?

We often use our own catalisator to analyze,

to weigh, even we decide weather

that is good or bad, right or wrong,

we judge other people,

we decide what is useless or usefull for others.

Every single people has their own knowledge,

their own ideas, their own values ​​and beliefs,

according their own ‘Life’s Journey’.

We always forget that each person grows

according to their own memories

that influence their conciousness

from their own experience or events

that happened on their life before.

Each person grows and develops

in line with their each self-awareness.

Rich ourselves by eliminating our ego.

Take the time to understand others

by let go the focus of ‘me’.

Release the focus to appear good

or better than others, or to be win from others,

then we will find a new perspective,

new understanding,

new insights of ourselves. 

Our primary task

in this entire world is to recognize ourselves, 

not to analyze others.

All matters are neutral because also:

“Things aren’t always what they seem.”

Is that a chocolate or a rose?

Two traveling angels stopped by at the home of a
wealthy family to spend the night . 

The family was not polite, they were rude and refused them (the Angels)

to stay in the main special guest room

that they often used to treat their VIP guest.

The angels were given a small space in the basement. Cold and dirty.

The older angel left a blanket with a piece of gold in it

after they woke up the other day from their hard floor bed

and put the blanket covered with the old hay.

When the younger angel asked “Why did you do that?”,

the older angel replied,

“Things aren’t always what they seem” 

The next night the Angel’s pair came to spend the night at the house of a very poor family, but they were very hospitable.

The farmer and his wife.

After sharing their little food they let the angels 
sleep on their bed in order to make the angels could sleep and rest well.

When the sun rised up the next morning the angels found the farmer and 
his wife in tears.

Their only cow lay dead in the field.

That cow was the only valuable thing 

that they had for made a living.

They sold the cow’s milk everyday as their sole income.

The younger angel was so angry and asked the older angel: 

“How could you let this happen?

Yesterday, you helped the rich family

eventhough they were so arrogant and rude,

now you let this warm and nice family’s only cow die..

This family were willing to give us anything that they have,

how could you do nothing?” 

“Things aren’t always what they seem,” the older angel replied. 

“Last night the angel of death came for the wife

of this friendly family,

I gave him the cow instead.

 And today the rich family will ‘pay’ the man of this nice family with all the old hay in their basement for his job taking away the hay to make more space in their basement.  The rich family will control the job but they both will not find the gold. The poor family will find the gold after all the hay have been moved here in their little basement. 

“All that you find here, in your house and your little basement, are belong to you” said the older angel to the nice family before they left.

All are neutral…
“Things aren’t always what they seem.” 

That is exactly what happens when sometimes things don’t turn out as the way they should be. Keep the faith. Trust that every outcome is always to your advantage. Maybe you do not realize it until someday, later..

The Good and The Bad

Bad or good is just the name which human put to things, matters, happens, etc.

There is no good or bad.

All the matters, happens, things are all neutral.

It is us, human who put the name on them.

Humans are complex.
Must be some reasons due to people are doing. The outcome would be different also.

If they do this , the results maybe become this way, but if they take another way or choose another do, the results maybe become contrary.

We can not tell what will gonna happen, if we choose this or that. And once the one’s make up his or her mind, something is going to happen, but still we do not know what will happen if they choose another opinion.

And the reasons are very complex. 

The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem. And I prefer to call it challenge instead problem.

For example:

Once upon a time , there was a poor man live with his only son.
and one day his son was getting sick, very bad. His body turned very slim and his head was so hot. (high temp.)

The man was panic and very hopeless because no one or family could help him or did not want to help him.

So he robbed his neighbour to get some money to take his son to a doctor and buy medicine.

Is he bad or good? it depends to which position we see..

As a father who wanted to help his son, or as his neighbour, or as his son, or as an audience..

Another story :

There was a man who must choose :

1. help his brothers to fight all their enemies who want qonquer their country or

2. help the enemy who long time ago rised him up and love him as his own son.

Wasn’t it a complex matter ? it can rised up a scandal.

If he choose no. 1, what will is going to happen? we dont know…
if he choose no. 2, what will happen? we dont know either.
He must think and only 1 choice he must take and make it and so…

The story was beginning to be that way… He chose number 1, what will happen? And still we never know where the story will end if he chose the contrary, right?

That’s human, very complex and only humans put names on things and matters. According to our background, education, environment, etc, etc..

And we, who were watching just judge, it should be that way or this way, we dont know all the reasons, and i bet the man in the action was having a very difficult times in his life to choose..

There is no good or no bad..

All matters are neutral…

It is us, human who named it as we educated and experienced.


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